A Journey That Changed The World

Chapter 27: Look Forward

, "Is that true?" Everyone could be heard asking in shock, "However, Doctor Nalan is our Jin Ling country’s chief doctor, and Zhu Manor has always minded their own business, why would Master Zhu go and provoke them?", "Hehe, it is said that in the middle of the night two days ago, Zhu Manor's Young Master was stripped of his clothes by someone, and then tied him to the hall pillar at their other courtyard. Early the next morning a peddler passed through the open door, and upon seeing Young Master Zhu's shining white, naked~body, he started screaming in fright, attracting a large wave of people to come watch. Zhu family's face has become tarnished to the greatest extent.", The whole room roared with laughter when everyone heard this, as just thinking about that scene, they couldn't help but laugh., However, they were still puzzled, "But Young Master Zhu is known as his family’s shame, what relation could he have with Nalan Manor?", The person that previously exposed the story laughed mysteriously, then lowered his voice, "That is to say, in the end, who was the person that ruthlessly gave a lesson to Young Master Zhu, who has always harshly and unreasonably walked around Yan Jing city? I'll tell it to you all, but you must keep it a secret…it is said that, that person is Nalan Manor's Second Miss, Nalan Feixue.", "Ah! No way?" One by one everyone’s faces showed an astonished expression, "Aren’t you mistaken? We heard that the two miss’ of Nalan Manor is chaste, calm, beautiful, and has an extraordinary innate talent. How…how could Nalan Manor's Second Miss do such a shocking thing? Perhaps there's someone else who did it, but put the blame onto her?", Everyone doubted the person that was telling the story, so displeasure immediately spread across his face, and with a humph said, "What blame, if it were not for the people of Zhu family finding conclusive proof, why would they go with great fanfare to Nalan Manor's gate? Is the name genius doctor Nalan only a decoration?", While speaking he lowered his voice, laughing mischievously, "If I were to guess, it would certainly be that Young Master Zhu was unable to curb his lust, and when he saw Nalan Manor’s Second Miss…who would know that he would get a ruthless lesson from Nalan Manor’s Second Miss instead.", "But…but Nalan Manor’s Second Miss is an unmarried woman, no matter how straightforward and pungent she is, how can she strip a man's clothes…this is the same as being unaware of honour and shame, no wonder the Zhu family went to their Manor early in the morning.", They were still gossiping spiritedly, however, Hexi had stopped using her internal power to eavesdrop, her mood rising as she began to taste the foods that the waiter over brought one after another., Before her eyes, the snacks' aroma permeated the whole place, it’s lustre tempting, and Hexi suddenly felt her stomach rumble. But just as the food entered her mouth, she couldn't help but crinkle her brows., The smell of the spiritual foods' didn’t actually mean the food was delicious, it could even be said to be pale and tasteless. Moreover, what make her disappointed the most is that because of the way the food was cooked, 3% of the foods' original spiritual energy has been lost., Hexi only ate a few mouthfuls of each dish, then disappointedly put down her bowl and chopsticks., In her previous world, she had a long term mission, and that mission's goal was her hobby, gourmet food. In order to get close to a top class chef and learn his secrets from his own hands, Hexi trained hard for several years, and finally, that mission's goal was satisfied., After her mission was finished, Hexi found that the food in ordinary restaurants, to her, was all tasteless. Because her cooking skills had reached the level of divine food, she now found it tricky to find food that appeased her appetite., Yet in this world, following the law of the weak are prey to the strong, everyone’s goal was to cultivate and become strong. They ate spiritual food only to replenish their spiritual power, no one cared about the desire for good food, so to that extent, the food level here was still far from her former world., People here didn’t care about the food smelling and tasting great, but not so for Hexi, so she decided to go buy some food ingredients, and later she would be able to help herself to ample food. As for this food, she'll set aside it for spiritual food for Dan Dan., Hexi sneered slightly, gathering up all the remaining food on table, she got up and left the Intoxicated Immortal.,

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