A Journey That Changed The World

Chapter 20: A Trip to the Infirmary

, The one who attacked him was a martial artist, one of Zhangle workshops great backers. Even though Zhang Dezhong's cultivation base was of Qi Refining third rank, he couldn’t fight these seven or eight people, so momentarily he was wailing and howling due to being beaten, and thrown out like a sack., "I warned you, it's best for you to quickly pay back the one thousand yuan that you owe, with interest, otherwise, humph…don't think that you can ever stay in Yan Jing city again!", Zhang Dezhong's entire body had become green and purple because of the beating, even his eyes were swollen, but he had no courage to disobey, only lamely grumbling while leaving, "You’re all a group of dog-eyed scoundrels that look down on people, wait until Master looks at the gambling book, he will come back and crush you to death! You actually dared to hit me, wait until I hire a group of thugs to beat you to death, see if you all still dare to be arrogant then.", Thinking of this, Zhang Dezhong couldn't help but laugh with a grimace., Now that he was a wealthy person, it was only a mere two thousand yuan, how easy was that? Even if he didn’t work in Nalan Manor in the future, he wouldn’t ever have to worry about food and clothing., Right! It would be better to take those yuan away, living a day being leisurely and free, as for those scoundrels in the casino, he must give them a lesson before he leaves., Zhang Dezhong was extremely furious one moment, and frantically pleased in another moment. He rushed to a small courtyard that he buy secretly, completely unaware that Hexi had followed behind him all the way., Because Zhang Dezhong's strength was low, and he didn’t have any storage equipment, Hexi guessed that he must be hiding all his yuan somewhere secret., Sure enough, a few minutes later, Zhang Dezhong carried a big bag over his shoulder as he snuck out from the back door of the small courtyard., The bag looked rough and ordinary, however, it emitted fluctuations of spiritual power., Hexi smiled while raising her eyebrows, and leaping into the air, she landed in front of Zhang Dezhong., "Who are you?" Zhang Dezhong cautiously questioned when Hexi appeared, almost scaring him, causing the packed bag of yuan to tumble to the ground., Standing firm, he noticed that the one who blocked him was actually a refined and elegant youth, moreover, from his entire body there were no fluctuations of spiritual power., This is obviously just an ordinary person!, Zhang Dezhong's courage immediately grew as he fiercely glared at Hexi, "Boy, did you go to the wrong place? What do you think you’re doing standing in front of my backyard's gate?", The tips of Hexi's eyebrows rose with her smile, the corner of her mouth exposing a faint smiling expression. Her pearly white teeth within her sakura like lips were faintly discernible, just like a feather teasing his heart strings, making his entire body itchy., Zhang Dezhong revealed a perverse expression, looking her up and down, he mischievously laughed, "Looking at your appearance, it's just like a rabbit boy in bud huh? Don't tell me you took a fancy to me, and want to curry favour with me? Unfortunately, although you look fresh and delicate, I’m not a good mouth, you had better go find other sellers.", A sharp darkness flashed through Hexi's eyes, slightly raising her head, she cast a glance at the bloody nose and swollen face of the wretched man, slowly asking, "Zhang Dezhong, you don’t recognise me?", Zhang Dezhong released an obscenely filthy laugh, "A delicate youth like yourself, if I had ever met you, how could I not recognise you?", As he was speaking, he noticed that Hexi’s expression held the traces of a sneer as she extended her hand, and slowly wiped her face., In the blink of an eye, the appearance that was like a spring flower, and elegantly pretty like an autumn moon, changed into that of a pale and ordinary gloomy face.,

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