A Journey That Changed The World

Chapter 12: The Morning After

Hexi’s eyes opened wide, she was quiet for awhile before finally asking, “Who are you calling mother?”, “Of course it’s you, mother~” The huge egg’s voice was brimming with happiness like a spoiled child, “Besides the unequalled great, awesome, and beautiful mother, who else would have the qualifications to become baby’s mother?”, Black lines appeared on Hexi’s face, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry., Who’s qualified to become your mother?! This miss is only sixteen, even in my past life I hadn’t passed twenty, so how can I become a mother?, This is wrong! This is an egg and I am a human, for a viviparous mammal, how can I give birth to such a huge egg like this?!, Hexi felt dizzy because of this egg, and speaking with an unhappy voice, “What…are you? Why are you calling me mother?”, “Because you are my mother?” The golden light bounced several times, its voice somewhat anxious, “Mother, I can often see you from here, I’ve been waiting for you to come see me, but, but you’ve never come. Baby is very lonely and all alone here…”, The huge egg’s sharp and clear child voice was sad, and sobbing could be heard coming from the egg. It was so sorrowful and full of grievances, it really made an unfeeling person unable to not take pity., Hexi felt a headache start, but unable to help herself, she gently stroked and caressed the huge egg’s shell, and spoke with a soft voice, “Alright, alright, don’t cry, I…haven’t I come to see you now? That, you…what type of species are you?”, “What is species?” The huge egg seemingly really liked her touch, the originally still crying voice had now become cheerful, “I don’t know what I am, but, mother is my mother, baby knew you. Wu wu wu, mother, you don’t need baby?”, After speaking, the huge egg seemed to panic and became restless, once again beginning to sob., Hexi held her forehead when she heard the child’s grief filled weeping, she was filled with self mocking as she didn’t know how to describe her feelings of wanting to surge forward and comfort the egg., She is an unmarried girl, she really didn’t have any experience on how to coax a child!, To stop it from weeping, Hexi had no choice but to caress it’s eggshell again, “Alright, don’t cry, I never said I don’t want you. Then, do you know why you’re in Xumi Palace?”, The huge egg accepted the caresses and sure enough, once again the overcast rain became clear, its excited golden light bobbing around almost in a circle., It even shouted “mother” several times, and as if trying to remember something, “Xumi Palace? It seems I remember this name, Xumi Palace…ah, that’s right! It’s grandpa Xumi, I remember him, it’s him that had saved baby?”, “Grandpa Xumi? Who is he?”, “Grandpa Xumi!” Its voice was confused, yet filled with yearning and fondness, “Grandpa Xumi was good towards baby, he saved baby from that dark, ice-cold room, also feeding baby rich spiritual energy to drink. After baby drank spiritual energy I fell asleep, after waking up, I then saw you mother, hee hee~”, Hexi was dumbfounded towards this huge egg, it was crying one minute then laughing the next moment. From the short conversation they had, she could see it had a child’s temperament, and she didn’t understand most of what it said, so even if she asked again it might not answer anything., Hexi felt helpless, she intended to release her hand that was still pressed against the eggshell, when suddenly, she heard the child’s voice excitedly shout, “That’s right! Grandpa Xumi has something that he wanted to hand over to mother. Baby was too happy to see you, almost forgetting about it!”

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