Archer flew through the sky as he left the jungle behind and crossed over a small mountain range before he finally saw the rolling hills. , As he passed over them, he saw a vast expanse of green terrain dotted with small patches of wildflowers. , The hills are gentle, with soft curves making them perfect for rolling down, and there are deep ravines and gullies that cut through the landscape. , The scene beneath him looks like a painting as the colors blend and meld together, creating a stunning display that commands his attention. , Small streams flow here and there, and the occasional pond reflects the surrounding hills in their waters. , As he flies further and closer to the hills, he can make out the mysterious shapes of shrubs, bushes and trees clinging to the hill slopes. , The rolling hills seem to go on forever, and the boy is left in awe of the natural beauty. , In the distance, he could see a crystal blue lake, surrounded on three sides by a tall skinny tree with colorful leaves. , Archer loves how peaceful it looks. , He ascends to get a better view. , As he did, he spotted a farmstead in the distance and quickly made his way there. , As he approaches it, he feels a rush of excitement and anticipation as he can find out where he actually is. 𝑖𝘳.𝒸ℴ𝑚, ”Well, I could have asked the soldiers, but I didn’t think about it. Oh well” , With a swift thought, he commands his dragon wings to flap faster and harder. , He glides through the air. , Archer’s body rises and falls with each beat of his wings, propelling him forward with incredible speed. , His dragon wings create a low humming sound as they slice through the air with ease, carrying the boy across the open fields. , By twisting and turning his body, Archer expertly maneuvers through the air, navigating around obstacles and picking up momentum as he approaches the farmstead. , As it comes into view, the surrounding landscape becomes a blur as the boy’s dragon wings propel him at breakneck speed. , The wind whips past his face as he closed in on the farm. , He lands about a mile outside and made his way towards it on foot, dismissing his teeth and claws. , It took him a little while to get there, he realized it was two houses the second house hid behind the first. , As he walked up to them, he spotted a group of kids. , One of the girls spotted him before nudging a boy who looked like her but was a few years older. , He said something, then the whole group turned around to stare at him. , Archer raised an eyebrow at the children, well he thinks of them as children, but they are only a couple years younger than him. , As he walked over, they ran back to their houses. , After a minute or two a man came out of the first house and approached Archer. , The farmer was a sturdily built man, and a sun-browned face that spoke of years spent toiling in the fields. , His eyes were brown, and he wore a simple tunic and trousers. , A wide-brimmed straw hat shielded his face from the afternoon sun, and a pair of sturdy boots protected his feet from the rough terrain. , He stopped in front of Archer and spoke with suspicion in his voice. , ”What are you doing here, boy?, where did you come from?” , Archer looked at the man as he narrowed his eyes, but calmed down in the end because he couldn’t blame the man as he did walk up to the house. , ”I come from the Avalon Empire, but got lost down here.” , The man scrutinized the boy before his face softened before smiling. , ”Boy, my names Raymond, I can tell you’re not lying to me, how in the goddesses will did you get down here? Did you fly?” , Raymond looked at his wings and tail as he thought. , ‘What beautiful wings? What is he?’ , Archer also looked back at his wings and tail, he thought about how much he liked them before turning back to the man. , ”I was on a guild mission, we arrived to see the defenders of a local city fighting against a beast hoard in the Rhodora Kingdom, I got knocked into a river, and next thing I know I woke up on a beach with a bunch of cannibals.” , The man scratched his beard and turned on his heels. , ”Come on boy, let’s get you something to eat. The wife will kill me if I let you go without feeding you.” , He dismissed his wings and tail while following Raymond. , Archer entered the house and finds himself in a large, open foyer that was decorated with intricate tapestries and ornate carvings on the walls. , On the right side of the foyer, there is a wide staircase that leads up to the second floor of the house. , On the left side of the foyer, a set of double doors leads you into the main living area. , The living area is spacious and cozy, with several comfortable couches and armchairs surrounding a large fireplace. , Archer saw the walls were adorned with paintings of fantastical landscapes, and fur rugs cover the wooden floor. In the center of the room, there is a long wooden dining table that can seat up to ten people. , To the right of the living area, a set of double doors lead to the kitchen. , The kitchen is well-equipped, with a magic stove, multiple element ovens, and a spacious pantry that is stocked. , As he walked further into the house, his eyes widen in amazement. , He is greeted with a warm, inviting atmosphere. , Archer smelt the air was filled with the sweet scents of baking bread and simmering stew, and the crackling of a roaring fireplace. , The interior is spacious and beautifully decorated, with tapestries and paintings hanging along the walls, and large, comfortable furniture scattered throughout the room. , As he takes a moment to look around, the boy notices the myriad of intriguing details that make up the home. , There are cozy reading nooks tucked into corners and a grand central staircase that winds its way up to the second floor. , As his eyes follow the winding staircase, he catches glimpses of the other rooms in the house, each filled with its own unique furnishings and decorations. , In awe, the boy realizes that this house must belong to a large family. , ”I see you like the place, took me many years to build, without Luan I couldn’t have done it.” , Raymond spoke as he sat down on a comfortable sofa and motioned for Archer to sit down. , ”Oh boy, what’s your name?” , ”Archer.” , He replied as he sat down and took out a Moon Juice and offered one to the man. , ”Oh, what’s this?, a drink from the north!” , Raymond got happy as he popped the lid and started to drink. , ”Ahhhh, that taste is heavenly.” , He stopped drinking to savor its taste. It’s not every day he gets offered a drink from the north. , ”Thank you, Archer.” , Nodding his head as he asked. , ”Could you tell me about this land?” , He got a serious look on his face as he started to speak. , Raymond leaned down, looking him in the eye. , “Listen closely, young one,” , He said in a stern tone. , “If you want to reach the mountain range that leads north, then you’ll need to cross through the howling forest first. It’s a dangerous place, filled with 100s of evil tribes and beasts that will try to attack you. But if you’re careful and keep your wits about you, you’ll make it through.” , When Archer heard that it was filled with 1000s of cannibals, he smiled as his eyes shined at the thought of the slaughter he was going to commit. , ”Hehehe” , Raymond looked at this crazy spectacle going on before him. , He coughed to get the boy’s attention. , The man then straightened up and pointed beyond the forest. , “Once you’ve made it out of there, you’ll find yourself in the grass desert. It’s a vast expanse of golden grass that stretches out as far as the eye can see. You’ll need to travel across that until you reach the base of the Shavano mountain.” , Taking another drink before continuing. , “If you want to get home, you’re going to have to cross the mountains. It’s going to be a tough and treacherous journey. But if you make it to the other side, you’ll find yourself stuck between the King’s Run river and Snakehold swamp with only a few roads leading north.” , He paused for a moment before continuing. , “The swamp is a dangerous place. It’s filled with all sorts of beasts and foul creatures that will try to stop you from reaching your destination. You’ll need to be careful and pick your path carefully. But if you make it through, you’ll finally be on your way to the north.” , As he finished speaking, a woman with dark green hair, big blue eyes, and a slim body walked into the room and stopped when she saw Archer. , ”Dear, who is this child?, where did he come from though?” , Raymond turned to his wife before introducing them to each other. , ”Alima, this is Archer.” , He turned back to Archer. , ”This is my wife, Alima.” , The two of them stared at each other before she nodded her head and spoke. , ”You’re welcome to stay for dinner, Archer.” , He nodded, and she smiled. Seeing his reaction, he turned back to Raymond and asked. , ”Can you tell me about the Southland’s different kingdoms?” , Raymond smiled. , ”If you share more of that drink, I’ll be happy to tell you everything I know, boy.” , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, The source of this content is .

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