Shortly after deciding to start training soon, Ella returned with a plate of meat and greens. , Placing it on the table, she explained. , “Here, young master, horned rabbit meat with some fairy leaf salad.” , Archer approached the table and sat down, looking at the girl with a confused face. , “Is there something wrong, young master?” She asked. , “What is this fairy leaf salad?” , She looked baffled for a second, but a smile spread across her face. , “It’s a salad grown by the elves that have special healing properties.” , She explained. Her head tilted to the side as her eyes widened like saucers. 𝘳.𝑐𝘰, “What’s happened to you? Your ears are sharper than mine!.” , She looked him up and down. , “You have bumps on the side of your head, and your eyes have changed color!” , Archer looked at the curious girl who was examining him. , After taking a few bites, he replied. , “You’ve only just noticed it.” , He laughed at her confused look. , “To be honest, I don’t know. I looked in the mirror just before you walked in and was like this already.” , She nodded with a suspicious look in her eyes before moving on as he finished the meal. , ”It could be something to do with your bloodline, but we won’t know until you reach level 20,” Ella said. , Nodding in agreement while pushing the plate away, Ella informed him of something he needed to do. , “Well, young master, the master wishes to see you now that you are awake.” , “Why does he want to see me? Is it about that stupid beast fight?” Archer asked. , Ella was just about to reply, but Archer cut her off. , “Young master…” , “Just call me Archer or Arch!,” He interrupted. , Ella looked baffled, not expecting him to request her to call him by name. , She couldn’t understand why he wanted her to do that, but she accepted it nonetheless. , “Okay, Arch, all I can say is he looks angry,” Ella said. , Archer sighed, knowing what the old man wanted to do with him. , ‘They would kick me out as all disappointed parents do in the novels because I’m not good enough,’ he thought to himself. , But he didn’t bother dwelling on that right now. It was important for him to go to the library and learn some spells before leaving. , “Ella, we’ll go to the library first, then I’ll go see Father after I’m done. Will you show me the way?” Archer asked. , “Yes, Arch, let’s go.” , Ella replied, leading the way to the library. , As the two of them walked through the hallways, Archer couldn’t help but notice the fancy decorations that were everywhere, with gold trimmings lining the frames of the paintings. , “It seems like a waste of money,” he commented. , Upon noticing his strange look, Ella quickly explained. , “The first wife of the Duke, Ksara Ashguard, loves decorating the manor. She spends a lot of gold coins on pointless stuff.” , Archer shrugged and continued to follow her until they came upon two imposing doors standing firm in front of them. , She turned to him and said. , “It’s behind these doors. It’s the biggest library in the city.” , As they both entered the room, Archer saw a massive library with rows and rows of books. , “Wow,” he exclaimed, “this is impressive.” , As he looked around the room, he spotted the spell books stored in one corner and made his way over to them. , Ella followed behind him as he started to browse through the books. , One particular spell book caught his attention. , ‘Void Blast’. , Intrigued, he took the book and continued to search for more spells. , He soon came across three more books that interested him. , ‘Cosmic Shield, Cosmic Sword, and Body Enhancement’. , Taking all four spell books, he spotted a table by the windows and made his way over. , After placing the spell books on the table, Archer went to search for a world history book to gain a better understanding of the new world he found himself in. , Ella followed behind him as he walked back towards the table. , As they approached the table, Archer turned to Ella and said. , “If you want to do something else or read yourself, you can do it.” , Ella smiled at his statement before going to get a spell book. , Archer noticed that she was holding the Earth Blast spell when she sat down next to him, which made him curious. , He asked her, “So you can use Earth magic?” , Ella nodded and smiled at him. , “Yes, I can also use Light magic,” she replied. , Hearing her speak, he was shocked. , According to the fragmented memories he received from the previous Archer, most people have an affinity for only one element. , However, those who possess an affinity for two elements are considered geniuses and highly sought after by many kingdoms and academies across the world. , After pondering this for a few minutes, he shook his head and sat down to study the spells he had chosen. , Hours passed as they both read. , Archer looked up from the book he was reading and noticed the sun setting through the window. , Deciding he was done with reading, he dropped the book on the table with a loud bang, causing Ella to jump with a yelp. , He started laughing, and Ella glared at him before joining in on the laughter. , It was then that he remembered the notifications that had popped up while he was reading. , Void Blast Learned , Cosmic Shield Learned , Cosmic Sword Learned , Body Enhancement Learned , Learning just four basic spells brought Archer immense joy. , He soon discovered that he had an affinity for two elements: space and lightning magic, and decided to test this theory in the future. , Fortunately, some of the memories he received were not fragmented and taught him how to use magic. , The key was to imagine what the spell looked like and understand how it worked. , Using Mana was already a rare ability, as only about 40% of the human population could use it. , However, every living being on Thyrlos had Mana within them, which benefited them even if they couldn’t use it. It made them healthier and longer-lived. , Demi-humans, including elves, were the best adapted to using magic, but most races could use it to some extent. , Humans, being on the weaker side, relied on numbers to gain an advantage in wars. , As he waited for Ella to join him, Archer returned the books to their shelves. , She arrived in her maid’s outfit, he couldn’t help but admire her beauty even more. , He stared at her as she approached, lost in thought. , When she stood in front of him, she asked, “Hello Arch, are you okay?” , But he was still in a daze and mumbled. , “Very beautiful.” , Hearing his words, Ella blushed and thought. , ‘Oh my god, he called me beautiful. He’s never said that before.’ , Archer quickly snapped out of his daze and realized what he had said. , They left the library feeling awkward around each other, with Ella leading him to the Duke’s office without looking toward him. , As they walked down the hallway in silence, Archer looked out the window and saw the massive trees of the forest bordering Vassia city. , ‘Those trees are huge, much bigger than Earth’s trees,’ he remarked. , Ten minutes later, they arrived outside the office, and Ella knocked on the door. , A loud, dominating voice answered the knock. , “Enter!” , Ella entered first, followed by Archer. , The man sitting at the desk told Archer to sit. , “Sit, boy,” he commanded. , Archer stared at the middle-aged man with brown hair. , He was 6ft tall, big built, with a strong jawline and stubble on his face. , The man’s name was Leonard Ashguard, the Duke of the Western Duchy, and he had 12 children with his three wives. Archer was one of many children. , The man looked at Archer with vicious green eyes before speaking. , “Archer, you failed a simple test and brought shame upon the Ashguard house, a house that has always produced powerful warriors for the Avalon Empire!” , Leonard slammed his fist on the table, scaring Ella but continuing. , He stared at Archer and asked, “What’s happened to you?” , Archer looked at him, unsure of what to say. But before he could respond, Leonard dismissed it, saying. , “Actually, don’t worry, I don’t care.” , He continued, “All your brothers and some of your sisters have brilliant talent and are useful to this house, but you, you’re useless and not wanted. Your mother even agrees. , “You have no skill for the sword, no skill in magic, and no skill for administration. You are useless to the family. I hereby banish you , “You no longer have the right to call yourself an Ashguard anymore. You shall leave in the morning at first light, and I don’t want to see you again. Understand, boy?” , Ella gasped when the Duke banished Archer from the family, but Archer just stared back at the man and said, “Okay, I’ll leave.” , Archer and Ella left the Duke’s office and walked to his room to start packing. , However, they bumped into two of his half-brothers. , Aldwulf and Pallius, who were 14 and 13 respectively and were known to get away with pretty much anything. , When Archer noticed Pallius lewdly looking at Ella, he warned him, saying. , “Take your filthy eyes off her!” , Pallius looked at Archer before scoffing. , Aldwulf spoke up, saying, “I heard what had happened from Mother. It’s a shame someone as useless as you were born into this family.” , Archer stared back at them before bursting into laughter. , ”HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” , ”Fuck off, you idiots!” , Grabbing Ella’s hand, he began to walk off, leaving the two boys standing there with shocked looks on their faces. , He entered his room, dragging her along with him. .𝒎, A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, 𝘦𝑎.𝒸ℴ

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