Staring at the black smoke, he shook his head as he cast cleanse on himself and made his way to Stonethrone to deal with the gibberling’s. , It is the last quest he needed to complete until he could head back. , Archer trekked through the forest but didn’t encounter any more beasts. , He started eating the hearts again, they were small, a bit bigger then a golf ball so they weren’t hard to eat. , After a small trek he arrived at the road and turned south. , As he walked down the road he saw a caravan in the distance heading towards him. , When they passed each other the caravan guards were watching him like he was a bandit as he chomped away at the hearts. , Archer ignored the looks and carried on walking, a few hours later he felt sick again as he finished the last of the hearts. , He found a tree to lay down in while he had a stomach ache, it was his fault for being greedy but he didn’t care. , ‘Status.’ , Experience: 0850/3000 , Level Up: 26>42 , SP:4>181 , Mana: 3120>3200 , Rank Unlocked: Apprentice , Void Blast: 2>3 , Cosmic Shield: 1>2 , Cosmic Sword: 1>2 , Thunder-step: 2>3 , Plasma Shot: 1>3 , Fire Missiles: 1>3 , Short Sword Mastery Unlocked , Mana: 3200/3200 , Archer got excited due to the giant boost he got in stats, also a lot of his spells upgraded due to how much he used them against the goblins. , He also unlocked the next rank so he could create another spell but he will deal with that later. , Looking at his stat points, he had 181. , Thinking for a little while he decided to spend all of them now to boost himself once again. , So he put 30 into HP and mana, 25 in every other stat apart from intelligence which he put 21. , HP: 900>1200 , Mana: 3200>4100 , Strength: 340>590 , Constitution: 370>620 , Stamina: 370>620 , Charisma: 450>700 , Intelligence: 320>570 , When Archer looked at his status he smiled as he felt so much better, he felt his body get stronger and felt 10 times better then he did before. , He started working out how much experience he earned from that little exercise, the total was 37,650 thousand experience from the kills and hearts. , And 181 stat points due to the leveling up and eating the hearts. , As he approached a denser part of the road he smelt something nasty close by. Casting cosmic sword and he headed towards the smell. , He got closer he heard growls and yipping noises, after walking into the forest for a little while Archer saw what was making the smell. , The beasts were pale, hunchbacked humanoids with pointed, canine-like ears and manes of black hair that surrounded their hideous, grinning faces. , They had overly long arms with claws at the end, their eyes were black and typically described as maniacal. , These creatures are gibberlings, the ones he was after, there was about 12 of them surrounding what looked like a rhino type beast. , The beasts were circling it and giggling. , ”Kekekekekeke.” , Archer thought since they stay in groups, they were typically seen first as large, writhing masses of dark fur and flesh, they made howls, clicks, shrieks, giggles and odd chattering noises. , The beasts creeped Archer out beyond belief they gave him the goose bumps as they let out their creepy laughs. , He fired a few more fire missiles towards the 9 remaining creeps, one died the others somehow managed to avoid the attack. , Archer used thunder step to appear behind the furthest one and plunged his sword into the beasts neck. , It dropped to the floor with a thud, as he ran forward one of the creeps lunged at him as it was wildly slashing at him with it’s dirty claws. , Using his right arm to block the attacks with ease thanks to his scales and countered with a stab to the beasts head. , He smiled as he looked at the others, which spooked some of them as four of them rushed forward Archer cast four eldritch blasts at them. , The four purple beams shot through the air slamming into them killing them instantly. , The shots pierced the four creeps without issue as Archer rushed forward while casting body enhancement, one jumped at him and started slashing. , Archer dodged and slashed at the beast, slicing its chest. , It dropped to the floor in pain as he finished it off leaving 2 left. Looking at the remaining two, they instantly turned around and fled. , Archer wouldn’t let them get away, he cast body enhancement again and rushed after the fleeing gibberlings. , After catching up to them he butchered the two, and extracted their hearts as he dismissed his sword. , He walked back to the scene of the fight, as he reached the area he started ripping out the hearts and storing them. , Before storing all 12 bodies, he cut off some stinky fur and smelt it. , He was revolted by the smell but picked up a strong sent from the north, Archer started following it and came across a cave. , Yipping and screeching could be heard from inside and he had a feeling that it was their den. , Archer climbed up into a tree and started to watch, he looked into the sky and it was early afternoon, he wanted to be back in Vassia before sunset. , As he waited none of the beasts came out, so he fired a void blast into the cave. All the noises suddenly stopped. , He got fed up of waiting and was going to enter the cave until he heard loads of footsteps rushing out. , As he saw them exiting the cave in a panic. Smiling as he got an idea, he raised his hand and fired 5 eldritch blasts at them. , The 5 purple beams flew through the air smashing into the group. , Screams and whines could be heard as the dust settled. Only two gibberlings were left standing. , Archer thunder stepped to them and finished them off before they could react. After confirming all 7 were dead he walked into their den. , He quickly held his nose as a rotten smell assaulted him, it was a mixture between a week long ** cooking in the sun and a dead body. , Looking around seeing bodies of beasts and humanoids, in one corner there looked to be a nest. , Walking over he saw loads of baby gibberlings all growling at him, he aimed his hand and spammed fire missiles into them. , They would have died anyway he was just giving them a quick death, he left the cave and started to make his way back to the city. , As he was walking back he decided to check his status again. , Experience: 2000/3000 , Level Up: 42>43 , SP: 0>2 , He was happy with his progress, it took him a few hours of speed walking but he arrived back at the city gate, Archer entered and made his way to the guild. ., After a 10 minute walk he was standing outside the guild, he entered and made his way over to Sarah. , As he arrived at the desk he said hello. , ”Hello Sarah, I’ve finished the four quests.” , He handed over the bag that the magic grass was stored in. , She then looked up at this troublesome boy and sighed before asking for his guild card. , Archer gave it to her, she pulled out some paperwork and started stamping the paper then did something to the card. , Sarah handed it back before going to get his reward. , Not long after she returned and handed him 10 gold coins, but as she handed it over as she asks the boy something. , ”I bet you have bodies to sell?” He nodded his head. She sighed yet again. , ”Well the guild master has asked us not to buy anymore bodies off you for the mean time, we have to sell the ones you’ve already sold us.” , He nodded as he didn’t care. Sarah smiled and handed over the coins before telling him about a quest. , ”Archer there is a escort quest going to the Rhodora Kingdom to deliver relief supplies to the guild in Karna city, they asked for our assistance so we’ve made it a quest.” , He thought about it and wanted to do it. , ”Yes sign me up, how long is the quest and where is this kingdom?” , ”It takes a month to get there and a month back so two altogether, it’s on the southwest border of the empire, the reward is100 gold coins and there’s a bonus if the shipment is fine.” , He agreed with everything she said and got signed up, Sarah told him to meet up at the southern gate tomorrow at sunrise. , She smiled as she told him something that made him happy. , ”The guild will count this quest as two, so you’ll only have to complete two more quests and you’ll be able to rank up.” , Archer smiled and said goodbye as he walked over to the quest boards. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord , __________________________________________________________ , Archer’s current status. , Name: Archer. Race: White Dragon. Age:13. , Rank: Apprentice Exp: 2000/3000. Level: 43. , HP: 1200/1200. , Mana: 4100/4100 , Magic: Fire- Water- Earth- Wind- Lightning- Space- Darkness- Light. Strength: 590. , Constitution: 620. , Stamina: 620 , Charisma: 700 , Intelligence: 570. , Status Points: 0 , Spells: Void Blast(3)Cosmic Shield(2)Cosmic Sword(2)Body Enhancement(-)Thunder-step(3)Cleanse(-)Eldritch Blast(2)Plasma Shot(3)Fire Missiles(3) , Skills: Spell Creation(-)Mana Regeneration(-)Regeneration(3)Dragon Senses(-) Short Sword Mastery(0), This content is taken from 𝘪𝘳.𝘤𝑜

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