Archer was still wrapped in the cocoon, his body changing while mana in the atmosphere poured into him. , His body was sucking all the mana from miles around, it poured into his body to help his evolution. , It started forming a mana heart in his chest. A massive explosion tore the tree apart sending the cocoon flying north. It crashed miles away. , The cocoon landed on the outskirts of a swamp and rested there, the crash scared all the wildlife in the local area, causing them to run away. , Hours later the cocoon started to crack, until a loud sound was heard as it crumbled away. While he was unconscious he dreamed of the previous Archer’s life after he lost the fight to the beast. , After that, Archer’s half-brothers and sisters started being horrible to him. There was his half-sister and blood sister, Keia and Hyara who came into his room to bully him regularly before he fell into a coma. , What made his situation more difficult was that Hyara was his blood sister born to the same mother. , She had none of the same features as him and looked more like their father who was human. With brown hair like her father, and blue eyes like their mother. , Keia was the daughter of the first wife Ksara, and was an evil girl with blonde hair and green eyes. , They abused him until the day he fell into a coma. Archer could never figure out why they treated him like that. , However, he stopped thinking about all that and wanted to move on with his new life. A strong breeze hitting his face woke him up, his eyes slowly opened and the bright blue sky blinded him. , The morning sun beamed down on him as he lay there. Wondering how long he was unconscious, it must have been a few days at least. , Sitting up he started to look around, realizing he wasn’t in the tree he climbed into but lying in some muddy crater. , As he stood up, noticing something that shocked him but also made him happy. Glittering white scales ran down his neck, and his arms stopped at the knuckles. , Archer took off his muddy shirt to see the same white scales on his shoulders, ribs, and most of his chest. , The same beautiful white scales ran down his body and legs. , Half of his body was covered in scales, but it felt no different than before except that his body felt a lot stronger. , Scratching his head with a puzzled expression, he felt something firm above his ears, wondering what it could be. , Looking around for something to use to see his reflection, and he spotted water in the distance. , He made his way over to it. Staring into the water, he finally saw his reflection. , There was a pair of dragon horns that appeared above his ears curving at the base and then pointing straight up, they were as white as the winter snows. , His normal violet-colored eyes had turned cat-like and were shining even brighter than before. , His hair was scruffy until he tied it up into a ponytail with a bit of string. Archer took in his new look and he loved it. , As he spent some time admiring himself, his senses warned him to dodge. So he quickly jumped back in panic, and he was surprised at how far he jumped. , A crocodile-looking beast lunged out of the swampy water snapping its jaws at him. That’s when he truly realized how much he has changed after his evolution. , Archer wanted a place to relax for a second, so he could go over everything he had gained before fighting the crocodiles. , Spotting a branch about 20 feet off the ground. He climbed the tree like a spider monkey getting comfortable on the branch, he noticed his senses had improved. , His eyesight, smell, and hearing were so much better than before, even when he unlocked the skill dragon sense. , He checked his status while sitting above the angry crocodile that was lashing out at the base of the tree. , 1st Stage Evolution Complete , Race Unlocked: White Dragon , Magic Unlocked , Dragon Sense Unlocked , Dragon Bloodline Unlocked , HP:440>700 , Mana: 1600>2600 , Strength: 175>300 , Constitution: 140>300 , Stamina: 160>300 , Charisma: 340>400 , Intelligence: 160>300 , SP: 35 , He got excited when he saw his new status and noticed that he got a massive boost in every stat thanks to the successful evolution. , Archer noticed his new race was unlocked as he started speaking to himself. , ”What’s a white dragon?” , Selecting the race option in his mind, a notification popped up. , White dragons are archaic, one hasn’t been born in millennia, and they are the closest living beings to mana. White dragons are the living embodiment of mana on Thrylos, and they were once revered as the monarchs of the dragon race throughout history. , His eyes went wide as he finished reading the description. , ”It now makes sense why I can learn spells quicker than other people.” He spoke to himself. , So the unknown skill he learned before was Dragon Sense. The 1st stage of evolution gave him horns, scales, senses, and eyes. , ”I wonder what the 2nd stage will bring Hehe.” , Hearing shuffling below him, Archer remembered that he had company to deal with before he can get back to his quest. , Jumping off the branch while casting Plasma Shot directly at the Crocodile’s head. , WOOSH!~ , The shot pierced the beast’s skull with ease. , Landing on the ground with a thud, Archer started to look around when he saw a large shadow flying toward him from the corner of his eye. , He tried casting a cosmic shield but couldn’t do it in time and was hit hard. , ”Ahhh.” , Archer was sent flying, the only damage he received from the attack was when he smashed into the ground. , THUD!~ , ”Ahh **, lucky that I have scales now, otherwise It would have been worse.” , He slowly stood up as his body ached, he stretched his arms and heard some bones cracking, after doing that he jumped out of the crater. , As his feet hit the floor his senses kicked in, causing him to quickly jump to the right in a panic as another crocodile slammed into the spot he was just standing at. , Archer started laughing as the madness took over and he wanted to eat the beast’s heart even more after smacking him. , ”Hahahahaha.” , Just as the beast was about to turn around and lunge at him again. He quickly raised his hand firing an Eldritch Blast. , BOOM!~ , A massive dust cloud was caused by the explosion, and after a few minutes, the dust settled. , He saw the beast was laying a few meters away due to the force of the explosion flinging it away. , Archer wiped the sweat from his forehead after he saw the beast was dead. As he looked at the pair of beasts who ambushed him twice. , They were 10-foot-long crocodile-looking beasts, with razor-sharp teeth lining their long snout. , They had boney protrusions growing down their backs, and they were a dark green color to blend into the swamp waters. , Taking his knife out, he went to work and cut out the beast’s hearts and stored them in his Item Box. , After eating the hearts he stored the bodies, cast cleanse on himself to feel fresh, and get rid of the blood that managed to get on his clothes. , Thinking of clothes, he decided that he will go buy some more when he returns to Vassia after completing the quest. , The town wasn’t far away so he started making his way there as he checked his status. , Deciding he wanted to upgrade his stats so he put 10 points into HP and mana, 4 into strength, and 3 on the rest of the stats apart from intelligence which got 2 points. , Experience: 1100/2000 , HP: 700/800 , Mana: 2600>2900 , Strength: 300>340 , Constitution: 300>330 , Stamina: 300>330 , Charisma: 400>430 , Intelligence: 300>320 , SP: 35>0 , Archer’s body felt fresh and the little aches he had here and there vanished, he started smiling, but as he approached the town he saw a long queue to enter. , The morning sun was shining and the breeze was blowing. , As he waited in line, everyone was staring at his white horns and cat-like violet eyes, and after 2 hours of waiting he entered the town after telling the town guards he was there to clear a quest. 𝘳𝘦.𝒸𝑜𝘮, There was supposed to be a guild in this town, but the mayor refused to share the revenue from hunting beasts, so he prevented them from setting up. , He wandered through the town looking for a stall owner to get information about the wolves. , After a little while he found one selling chunks of meat wrapped in some sort of herb, Archer bought 3 for 1 silver, and he threw 2 into his storage. , He started eating the 1 he kept out and enjoyed it. , Archer ended up buying 30 of them for 10 silver and threw them into the item box alongside the other ones he just bought. , As he finished the first one he turned to the stall owner and asked. ”Old man, do you know where the wolves roam?” , The old man looked at the little boy sitting in front of him and thought. ‘Is this Demi-human crazy!’ , He coughed then replied. , ”Head to the eastern gate and turn north when you exit, walk for two hours and you will arrive at the moaning depths. You won’t be able to miss it, you will find them there.” , Archer thanked the man and started to walk off to go clear the wolves and loot more hearts. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, Read latest chapters at . Only

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